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Nikon Mirrorless Z 7ii full-frame camera

I have upgraded to a Nikon Mirrorless Camera to replace my D7200 DSLR

  • DSLM stands for digital single-lens mirrorless
  • more compact, faster and better for video
  • Some lenses may not be compatible Z 7II Firmware

Z 7II Firmware

Having owned the camera since June, I have carried out two Firmware updates, first was to 1,20 and then “C” firmware to version 1.21 in July.


Upon unpacking and after a quick peek at the menus, I then reached for my lens to try out, it was from my D7200 DX camera and the lens was also DX. This meant the camera automatically switched down to half of the megapixel capability. It switched from the 45 down to only 19MP, which is even less than my 24MP D7200.

I was then grabbing for my large Tamron 150-600 mm zoom lens. The lens fitted into the adaptor just fine, but to my dismay the auto focus was problematic and I found out a couple of things needed fixing. Firstly the camera had not had a firmware update, and apparently the lens needed one to. Both of these needed to doing so that the lens would be compatible and function properly.

I downloaded and easily upgraded the nikon firmware.

For the camera though, this had to be sent off to the Tamron Service centre in London. A week later it was back with the compitiblity fixed.

I have today received a FX Lens (nonDX) for closer shoots and keeping a the full 47MP.

Now all is good and I am enjoying the speed of this double processor camera.


  • Webcam Utility (Windows)
  • Picture Control Utility 2
  • NX Studio – Full
  • Wireless Transmitter Utility
  • ViewNX-i ver. 1.4.5

Online Manual

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