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VG (vegetable glycerin) thicker consistency producing more clouds of vapour. Due to having it's own sweeter taste making flavors a slighly difficult to detect

PG (propylene glycol) thinner and generally keeps more flavour, whilst also giving more of a throat hit.

Both are non-toxic organic compounds and generally considered safe for consumption by the FDA.

Higher %PG content is for smaller devices and starter kits, whearas higher %VG is suited more for sub-ohm vaping.



Since the growing availability of CDB Oil in UK Vape stores that has not long been legal to sell, lwill those with Nicotine craving switch to it. One device that delivers this is the medipen.


T-Juice tryout just in on 6th july, so check our twitter for updates.

T-Juice eliquid review test guide

RED ASTAIRE - lush red berries and black grape with punchy notes of sweet eucalyptus, subtle aniseed and a finish of menthol.

STRAWBERRI - strawberries, added a hint of cream and finished with a subtle tang of raspberry.

CLARA-T - reinvents Red Astaire's classic notes of red berries and black grape with a more subtle lick of aniseed and an extra burst of freshness.



Mystique Oceanus ejuice eliquid in Vape Stores


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UK Vape Stores - Halcyon Haze Northern Lights



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