Atomizer Coils

Atomizer Coils

Aspire Odyssey Clapton Kanthol + Ni200 Temp Control Coils


Today there is an ever increasing selection of different types of atomizers available to the vaping community. This wide selection allows for greater customization of your individual vaping experience.


For the moment I have focused on the Replaceable Coil Head Atomizers.
Coils come in a range of metals, there is Stainelss steel and nickel. This page will cover more coils as they are available.


The recent Kanthol coils that are available have an extra wire wraping the first coil, thus heating up more liquid that then produces more vape and within that more flavour.


• Orange - 0.5 ohm 40 - 50w Clapton Kanthal coil more surface area for greater vapor and flavour. 
• RED - 0.15ohm Ni200 Nickel coil for temperature control
•• Blue - 1.8ohms 10-13w coil for mouth to lung vaping

My favourite coils at the moment are the new Kanthol, they do seem to perform much better in delivering even more vape cloud and taste.


Buy from UK - USA

TC mods rely on programming that says with certain changes in resistance of the coil, the temperature will be x. Kanthal wire is not a good material for this as it's resistance doesn't change noticeably with temperature. However, Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless Steel (SS) - the currently used TC materials - do have this quality. They change resistance on a scale in correlation to their changing temperature.


Because of this, the TC mod's board is programmed with this information so that when these materials are used for heating coils, the mod can read these changes in resistance and make on-the-fly adjustments to the power being delivered to the coil in order to limit the temperature to what the user sets.


KangerTech VOCC Sub Ohm Coils that come with SubTank

These are the coils the come with the Kangertech SUBOX subtank. Buy from USA - UK


Joyetech Atomiser Coils Mesh oddity


How To Simply Change the Kangertech Coil

Buy from UK - USA


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