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The rise of the mega-corporations Google, Facebook, Amazon – Full Documentary

Mega-corporations like Amazon and Facebook are becoming more powerful. And their growth shows no signs of slowing down. They are in the public eye — but are they also above the law?

The pandemic has only made the “big four” — Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook — more influential. Our data has become big business. But are these corporations out of control?

Experts have long observed how corporations like Apple and Amazon have been able to evade antitrust laws while receiving special privileges. In terms of wages, taxes, and other regulations, these companies seem to have their own set of rules. Furthermore, there is increasing concern over the systematic exploitation of data by Facebook and Google, which is seen as a breach of our fundamental democratic principles. The distinction between corporate power and the state is becoming more and more blurred, as some states view these behemoths as essential and unavoidable. It appears that corporate power is here to stay.

Market driven surveillance undermines our sovereignty and thus the very foundation of Western democracies. There is a storm brewing both in the U.S. and Europe.

But the corporations are ready for it. Will they continue on this dangerous trajectory, or is there some chance we can still rein them in?

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