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A Look at the Future of Space Travel with SpaceX and Virgin Orbit Rockets | Full Documentary

The film explores the fluctuations in space technology and the hype around commercial space flights – a topic that’s of great interest to Tesla founder Elon Musk, who founded the aerospace company SpaceX.

A revolution in the history of space travel took off with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew in his rocket 106 kilometers into outer space. It may have only lasted around 10 minutes, but the trip was the precursor to commercial passenger flights into space.

The Bezos flight, as well as the one billionaire Richard Branson took just a few days earlier, herald a new era of space travel. This looks to be just the beginning of a rekindled space race. Observers suspect it could open up a lucrative market for space tourism. They’re also convinced that the next step will be inevitable: the establishment of human colonies in space. At some point, the day may come when the first person is born in space — or perhaps when humans reach Mars.

Predicting the outcome of these developments is tricky. Musk has, in any case, announced plans to make humanity “multiplanetary”. According to him, that involves colonizing Mars and enabling life on other planets. Branson and Bezos, on the other hand, are “more interested in how we can use space to help Earth.”

The future of space exploration promises a plethora of possibilities and prospects. Colonizing Mars, and venturing even further into the cosmos, could become a reality in the near future, while space tourism may soon become a viable option. With so many possibilities on the horizon, the future of space exploration is sure to be an exciting one.

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