NEW Google BARD Capabilities Have Now Evolved

NEW Google BARD Capabilities Have Now Evolved
NEW Google BARD Capabilities Have Now Evolved

Today, Google showcased its new updates to Bard’s abilities, including image capabilities, coding features, and app integration. And are opening up access to over 180 countries around the world, with more languages and ending the waiting list.

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It was less than two months ago that Google launched Bard, allowing users to access the generative AI, and personally, I prefer Bard to chatGPT for its more natural and refined output. And the fact it is more up-to-date.

Bard gets its name from the word meaning “poet” — as in the Bard of Avalon, William Shakespeare — in a reference to its linguistic capabilities.

Vice President and General Manager, Sissie Hsiao said “I have gotten some really fun ideas to help teach my 7-year-old fractions”

Initially rolled out in the U.S. and U.K., the feedback has helped developers improve BARD.

I guess I’m slightly surprised that Bard was only in English, but now it is available in Japanese and Korean, with 40 more countries to follow. 

Bard is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google, based on the LaMDA family of large language models.

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