Smoking !! Want Better Sex?

Smoking affects male Sex organs


A lot of people take up smoking during their youth thinking that it will help improve their ‘cool quotient’ and increase their sexual desirability. Immensely sexy characters on television like Mad Men’s Don Draper are often seen lighting up.


There was once a time when cigarette advertisements in television and newspapers propagated the ‘cancer stick’ as a symbol of prestige. Unfortunately, there is nothing good about cigarettes, and it can have severe impact on your health and wellbeing.


Your sex life isn’t spared either. Here are some ways in which smoking could affect your performance.



Did you know that smoking affects your testosterone levels? Testosterone is a hormone present in both men and women which along with promoting muscle growth is responsible for libido in both the sexes.


When you light up, it actually raises your testosterone levels temporarily. But the long term effect is negative.


What smoking does is increase the carbon monoxide content in your blood, which in the long run inhibits production of the hormone.


The cadmium in smoke also interferes with zinc metabolism in your body and lower testosterone levels. Read about some ways in which you can boost your testosterone levels!


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