Sigma EX APO DG Tele Converter 2X on FX Nikon camera

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I acquired the Sigma TeleConverter in September 2022

These APO Tele Converters are compatible with digital cameras, and when mounted between the lens and the camera body, they increase the focal length of the lens by a power of 2. They increase maximum photography magnification by 2X, without any variation in the minimum focusing distance.

In 2019 I acquired the 1.4x tele convertor, and since then I have changed from a DX camera to a mirrorless FX camera. Without the DX I have lost some distance and decided to get the 2x.

With my Tamron 150-600mm Telephoto zoom lens on a DX camera, the 1.4x became 1260mm. And with the FX camera, it went down to 840mm, but the 2x converter has taken it back up to 1200mm.

I upgraded my camera from the Nikon D7200 to Z7ii, and very happy that I did.

lens 600mm
600mm Without a converter.
lens 600mm
600mm With 2x converter.

600mm lens and 2x converter = 1200 mm (confirmed by Sigma UK)

These adapters do not fit smaller lenses.


Using the APO Tele Converter EX decreases the effective aperture by two F-stops (with 2x Tele Converter) Regardless of exposure mode, correct exposure can be obtained.


  • Lens Construction: 6 elements in 5 groups
  • Focal length: 2x that of a master lens
  • Aperture coupling range: F2.8 – F32
  • Reproduction ratio: 2x that of a master lens
  • Dimensions (Diameter×Length): Φ68.5mm×52mm / 2.7in.×2.0in.
  • Weight: 235g / 8.3oz.
sigma nikon converter
Sigma APO TeleConverter 1.4x EX DG
tamron 600mm g2
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