LG say they sell 5 year old tech

LG say they sell 5 year old tech

I’ve been having an issue with my LG NB2530A Soundbar becoming less reliable for Windows 11 sound output on my 2019 Dell OptiPlex PC, and new Acer Nitro laptop. Even though it worked on my Alexa, Samsung TV and mobile phone, it still would not connect to Windows 11.

I have been messaging LG via Twitter since 25 August 2022. On 9 September they raised it with the technical team, giving reference CN220909744679.

Support emailed me “The NB series of sound bar is about 10 years old now so it is likely that the Bluetooth version”.

In November I noticed the LG SJ3 sound bar had reduced in price during the black November deals, so I thought this is a newer model and hopefully will work fine so I bought it on the 16th.

The bar itself is the same size and has extra functionality. It also has a modern day app to enhance control to specific operations.

Screenshot 20221201 182617 Twitter
The packaging handle failed to be sure and ripped whilst attemptingto carry indoors.

The packaging broke, LG’s Jemma said this is not ideal and she would raise a VOC (Voice of Customer) to Head Office. But I forgot to give all the personal details I was being asked.

It did manage to connect and be recognised by Windows 11 on my 2021 Acer Nitro 5 in seconds. But unfortunately, the story was not finished because it would not change the sound output to the sound bar 😬 so I need to speak To LG.

I phoned the LG support number. I was told I would get a callback but never did.

Screenshot 20221201 190230 Twitter

On twitter Becky said they called me three times and left a voice mail, I never got this so they must have the wrong number.

Also told them that this SJ3 I bought new was made in 2017, and thus 5 years old. The annoying thing is I just replaced the NB2530A I bought new in 2017, with one bought last week that happens to be made in the same year. I feel like I wasted my money.

LG Registration Website.

I wanted to register the new speaker, but the website was requesting I change my password and accept new terms. I did that and received a system error.

Screenshot 20221201 180511 Twitter
website system error

LG suggested “Try logging in on a different device like a laptop, phone, tablet etc. Then also try a different browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge etc. This should allow you to log in, a system error usually resolves itself within a day or so. Becky – LGUK”

Screenshot 20221126 145240

The app login gave a different response.

I ended up buying LG TV

I was also on the lookout for a second TV, either QLED for the front room or UHD for the bedroom. Quite surprisingly, I went with LG after Lidl of all places had £80 cheaper offer than rivals.

One week later I turned the television on and there was no sound. I swapped audio and output settings without luck. I phoned support and now waiting for a callback.

Screenshot 20221201 175701 Chrome
LG app responded differently


I unplugged the power, waited 60 seconds, plugged in turned on and the sound returned.👍

Others are ongoing to get a resolved solution yet.