Free ASMR Feature Film Dreaming of Stars from Cineworld

Free ASMR Feature Film Dreaming of Stars from Cineworld

The festive season is well and truly among us! And while it’s a joyous occasion, we all know it can be a stressful run-up to Christmas with planning, parties and pressure to buy that perfect Christmas gift.

Enjoy a welcome respite from the stress of Christmas with the first feature-length ASMR film ever to be shown on the big screen. 

Relax with Cineworld! They want to take the edge off this very hectic season with Dreaming of Stars: An ASMR Feature Film – narrated by Malcolm McDowell and featuring YouTuber Atlas ASMR.

The legendary Malcolm McDowell lends his iconic voice to create a relaxing experience while Atlas ASMR helps audiences escape the Christmas-mania by transporting them into the cinema. Creating tingly sensations with their calming voices, you will be guided through a magical cinemASMR experience.

“I hope the public enjoy my dulcet tones and can use the film to take a moment to relax during a hectic day out,” McDowell says.

Venture into the weird and wonderful world of ASMR this Christmas.

In addition to the 90-minute screening, Cineworld will be releasing daily CinemASMR content from YouTuber Atlas ASMR who will be providing relaxation in the inevitably hectic build towards Christmas.

The film will be premiering in a limited number of cinemas on the big screen 7pm on Monday!

So, what is ASMR? Put simply, ASMR (translated as ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’) is a sensation caused by comforting and sedate sights and sounds and is often referred to as a ‘massage for the brain’. It is the third most searched term on YouTube worldwide and Google searches reached an all-time high at the start of the pandemic as people sought out the relaxing effects of the trend.

ASMR screenings will be taking place at London (Leicester Square), Sheffield, Speke, Cardiff, Newcastle, Glasgow, Brighton, Birmingham Broad Street, York, Warrington, Leeds and Plymouth.

Tickets and online booking are free so click here to book your tickets for ASMR Dreaming of Stars.