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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max First Look Unboxing Review

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max First Look Unboxing Review

You can expect an honest review from us, and oh boy, Apple falls short of expectations.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max looks nice, with a 6.7 inch screen which is wider than my Android Google Pixel 7 and Samsung A53 smartphones.

See CPU Benchmarks page

pixel 7 iphone 15 samsung galaxy screens
iPhone screen comparison to pixel 7 and galaxy

This review is ongoing as we are literally unboxing since 6 pm on Friday 22 September.

We have come across other simple features missing in iOS, such as the eye on passwords so you can check what you have types. Another is the ability to change the device name without having to change your name, which is what iOS wants.

I asked Siri what size screen the iPhone 15 pro mx has, and it gave me some web search results but did not read them out like Google, even when clearly given the command to read them for me.

The phone battery level is displayed as a bar, so I hope it can be changed to a written percentage.

One good thing is that I found all the apps I use on my Android.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Video Rendering Speed Test were disappointing.

fastest mobile phone cpu processors
fastest mobile phone cpu processors
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