Tutorial: How to Disable Facebook’s Internal Web Browser

Tutorial: How to Disable Facebook’s Internal Web Browser

Using an external browser means it will login easier if you have Google save your passwords, because the built inapp browser will ask again and not have logins stored.

Developers seem do this to keep users locked within their apps for as much time as possible and no doubt collectingusage data.

This is frustrating when logging in when your app is already but doesn’t switch.

The other problem is with the Facebook app, is the programmers keep moving the settings to turn off in-app browser. Even clicking the 3dots from within their browser only gives an option to clear cache, open in external browser, but nothing to set this permanently.

Even when you Google for help, there are scammers who post old articles as 2022, probably the metaverse clan out to make it difficult to find the true way to do it.

Once we find it, I bet it changes again.

So let’s do this for Android 2022

  • In the Facebook app go to the “Settings & Privacy” menu and “Settings”.
  • After that, scroll down to the “Media and Contacts” section and tap on it.
Screenshot 20220629 084406 Facebook
  • Finally, toggle the “Links open externally” option to the “On” position.

Facebook will now ask you to choose a browser when you click on any link to an external website.

Our Facebook app on Samsung does not have a display option, nor turn off in app.