The Future of eVTOL on show at the Farnborough Airshow


A new era of mobility could soon be seen on the horizon as many rethink transportation and envision the future of Advanced Air Mobility.

Video of the Newest on Display


Is developing a family of electric air vehicles to connect more people to more places. Through a network of connected ground hubs called vertiports.

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Supernal electric air vehicles transport.
Supernal concept of future mobility at the Farnborough International AirShow 2022

supernal aerospace believes that mobility shapes society and enables the exploration and discovery of new possibilities. “To make this happen, we’re working with public and private sector partners to develop mobility solutions that augment existing transit networks.”

The VX4 at Farnborough International Air Show

The VX4 uses advanced Next Generation avionics based on flight control technologies of the F35, a supersonic VTOL aircraft.

The VX4 to transform how we travel by Vertical Aerospace Group Ltd. [photo by WrushMedia/Alamy)]

Vertical acknowledge that in heavily populated regions, neither cars nor public transport will be able to cope with demand.

The VX4 will transform the way people travel with speeds over 200mph, a near silent flight, zero emissions, and lower cost per passenger mile.

The VX4 is aiming to open up urban air mobility to a whole range of passengers.

VX4 specs

Their aircraft boasts a zero carbon footprint is globally certified and will be used by airlines and local transport partners.

VX4 eVOTL Electric motor Rolls Royce
VX4 Motor blades [photo by WatfordMedia]

The World’s Lightest and Safest Electric Powertrain is Co-developed with Rolls Royce.

Airbus to develop the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft by 2035

airbus zero emissions
Airbus ZERO (photo WrushMedia/Alamy)

Hydrogen propulsion will help this ambition for AIRBUS ZEROe concept aircraft. Exploring a variety of configurations and hydrogen technologies that will shape the development of their future zero-emission aircraft.

Flying Display at Farnborough Airshow 2022

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Jumbo Jet Airliners

Airshow Video (available at WrushMedia/Alamy)