THE END IS NYE stars Bill

THE END IS NYE stars Bill

Science guy Bill Nye returns to help us survive the next apocalypse which could come at anytime in various forms.

In an all-new apocalyptic docu-series premiering on Peacock Aug. 25.

From his fictional Disaster Institute, Nye enters a disaster simulator that creates end-of-the-world global apocalyptic scenarios.

Natural and unnatural threats, from viruses to volcanoes, asteroids to authoritarianism, and climate change to chemical warfare. and fantastical, and he applies his knowledge of science to guide us toward hopeful solutions.

William Sanford Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter.

“We made six mini-disaster movies,” Nye told the Comic-Con crowd. “But unlike many disaster movies, these end well.”

“Right now our world is a very scary place, and yet full of opportunities to make life better for all of us – for everyone on Earth,” Nye said.

We watched the episodes and can say it’s entertaining angle makes this easy watch for those who might find documentaries boring.