Smart Intelligent MEGA Tanning Bed SOLARIUM‎

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Among the professional solariums in the premium segment, megaSun’s series guarantees an excellent design, outstanding technique and well-thought-out functionality. Designer solariums, which turn every salon into something extraordinary.

A perfect combination between pureSunlight and smartSunlight lamps.

Solarium Hybrid Deluxe – Lie Down Unit

Elegant design, perfect ergonomics, patented technology and individual settings ensure your favorite tan through only one click.

mega suntan bed
8000 hybridSun

Features can include P2 vitamin D tubes, Ruby Collagen Boosters, Bluetooth connectivity, Aquacool, Aircon and Aroma.

Parallel to the tanning the innovative smartSunlight-lamps stimulate the production of melanin and vitamin D, calm the skin and ensure a blemish-free, attractive complexion.

  1. UVB stimulates the production of melanin and vital vitamin D.
  2. UVA gives the skin a natural, intensive and attractive tan.
  3. Blue light cleanses the skin and ensures a healthy and blemish-free complexion.
  4. Red light (Collagen) stimulates collagen production and makes the skin appear noticeably younger and more soothed.

8000 alpha deluxe Hybrid ST


  • 34 x 200 W (max) pureSunlight lamp (180 cm)
  • 16 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamp (180 cm)
  • 4 x 700 W pureFacials, switch on-off
  • 2 x 250 W shoulder tanner
  • 70 beautyBooster (face, décolleté, legs)

Body lamps:

  • 16 x 200 W (max) pureSunlight lamps (190 cm)
  • 8 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamps (190 cm)

Features: mp3-Sound-Box, musicVibration, ACS, Bluetooth, aroma, aquaCool, airCon, Color Motion, megaVoice, x-Tra tan

Nominal power:

  • 13 kW (without aircon)
  • 15 kW (with aircon)


The integrated mp3-Player can be individually programmed with music by the salon operator. A customer’s own mp3-Player can be connected by means of an audio connection. (megaSun 6800 and megaSun 7900a are additionally fitted with a headphones socket)

musicVibration allows you to feel the vibrations of the music. It generates sound, by allowing larger surfaces acting as membranes vibrate. In this manner, the sound is evenly distributed throughout the tanning tunnel and the sound experience is complete: Feel the music!

Intelligent Technology controls, depending on the room temperature, the intensity of the ventilation – and thus the noise level. At the beginning of the tanning session, ACS provides for a gentle start-up of the entire ventilation system, after the session has ended the smooth shut down of the Brenner, tubes as well as all the ventilation system is controlled. Pure relaxation!

Simply genius – listen to one’s own music from the smartphone with bluetooth. Only one click, the connection will be ready and the enjoyment increase the tanning session.

If so desired, the air can be aromatised during the tanning with aroma concentrates (SUNRISE or DAYDREAM). Optionally, there is also the possibility of aromatising the cabin.

With aquaCool, on the top part of the sunbed a fine water vapour is released through two special nozzles that function completely drip free – both refreshing and revitalising.

The high-performance air conditioning system for all megaSun- sunbeds guarantees comfortable cooling during the tanning session.

A new kind of reflectors for an even better power distribution. Specially finished surfaces for a significantly higher degree of efficiency. evoSystem2 is powerful for eye-catching, intensive and even tanning in the facial area. Face the power.

cpi energy guarantees less energy consumption, more power and longer lifetime of the tubes; enables the setting of all common UV-Norms on the display or at the push of a button (only possible with original tubes).

Colour Motion
Touch blue, touch red, touch green! colorMotion always takes care of the right mood. Choose with a novel remote control out of 18 different programs. Choose your preferred color options simply by using the motion wheel fingertip control in the middle of the remote control. Depending on the active colorApp choose your light intensity or the flash frequency. Touch it – love it!

With megaVoice, you can already lie back and relax as soon as you have been welcomed. A soothing voice guides the customer quickly and easily through the user functions of the Sunbed: errors are ruled out, and feeling good is guaranteed– right up to the farewell.

The new generation powerful beauty booster brings an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin. A silky smooth skin guaranteed Genius technology. The collagen freshkick can be used on 3 intensity levels even without tanning the face and décolleté.

x-Tra Tan
The latest high-pressure tanners ensure extra power and for an all over tan in the shoulder area – extra even, extra intensive.