Marvel New Rivals Official Trailer Announcement Video

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Marvel Rivals Game

Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Rivals beckons you to step into the shoes of your favourite heroes and villains, forging alliances and unleashing epic battles across the vast canvas of the Marvel Multiverse.

The official announcement trailer below offers a glimpse into the gameplay and characters. Marvel Rivals is an upcoming free-to-play team-based PVP shooter between Marvel superheroes and supervillains.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  • Team-based PVP shooter: Players assemble in teams to battle against other teams.
  • Play as your favourite characters: The game boasts a roster of iconic Marvel characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Loki.
  • Unique Team-Up Skills: Characters can combine their powers to create special attacks.
  • Destructible environments: Battles commence across the Multiverse, that can be impacted by the fights.

Dream Team Assembly: Ever wanted to fight alongside Captain America and Iron Man? Or scheme with Loki and Magneto? Marvel Rivals lets you choose from a roster of iconic characters, building your dream team of heroes, villains, or a cunning mix of both!

6v6 Mayhem: Prepare for heart-pounding, action-packed clashes as you join forces with five other players to take down a rival team. Master teamwork and strategy to emerge victorious, using your characters’ unique strengths and weaknesses to beat opponents.

Unleash the Power of Synergy: Marvel Rivals introduces a revolutionary mechanic: Team-Up Skills! Combine the powers of your teammates to create devastating combo attacks. Imagine Iron Man repulsing enemies into Captain America’s waiting shield strike, or Magneto amplifying Scarlet Witch’s telekinetic blast! The possibilities for strategic mayhem are endless.

A Multiverse of Battlegrounds: Your fights won’t be confined to a sterile arena. Marvel Rivals throws you into iconic locations across the Marvel Multiverse. Imagine battling for supremacy in the neon-drenched streets of Asgard, dodging debris as you clash on the crumbling ruins of Sakaar, or using the sprawling landscapes of Wakanda to your tactical advantage. Each environment is beautifully rendered and destructible, adding another layer of strategy and dynamism to the combat.