L3Harris Hosts Live WESCAM MX™ Farnborough


L3Harris Technologies will conduct a live WESCAM MX™-10 demonstration for customers and credentialed media attending Farnborough.

Today’s mission requirements demand identification and designation from longer standoff ranges. WESCAM MX-Series products are engineered to focus on the three factors that drive maximum range: resolution, magnification and stabilization.

WESCAM MX™-10 multi-sensor, multi-spectral, electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) surveillance and targeting systems support intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition missions from platforms in the air domain and support longer range requirements. 

WESCAM MX systems are designed for ease and familiarity of use, simplify turret interchangeability within fleets and provide efficient technology enhancements upgrades. Common electronics, cabling, user interfaces, video overlays, internal components and software deliver user-friendly cameras that outperform major competitors, provide the longest EO/IR target identification and designated ranges in the industry (in each class size) to meet each customer’s requirements.

L3Harris WESCAM portfolio of multi-sensor, multi-spectral systems that are deployed worldwide, at varying ranges, and with overlapping fields-of-view, creating the opportunity for uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operating bases, airfields and other vital assets. These imaging and targeting systems are found on more than 230 different types of platforms, including fixed-wing, rotor-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms.

Farnborough airshow 2022 technology photographer
Equipped with state-of-the-art multifunction displays,
night-vision goggle compatible glass cockpit,
an advanced, Helionix digital avionics system,
and a four-axis automatic flight control system (AFCS).