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breville hot cup
breville hot cup

Ready in 50 seconds – Breville VKJ318 hot water dispenser

Our one cup water dispenser is still going strong since June 2015.

With one descaling since ownership because it started to fill less of our cup the same amount, it has done exceedingly well.

Hot Water in 50seconds hot water dispenser. If the cup was smaller it would have been quicker becuse less water to heat.

The Breville VKJ318 can cope with up to 8 x 250ml cups (2L) without refilling and ensures that water is only dispensed at boiling point, making perfect hot drinks each time. What’s more, the smooth and continuous flow of water keeps splashing to a minimum.

Thanks to variable dispense, you can choose from nine different cup sizes to fill.

A manual stop button will also stop water flow mid-cycle.