Google launches it’s Gemini Nano to run on Pixel 8 Pro

Gemini Nano is running on Pixel8 Pro.
Gemini Nano is running on Pixel8 Pro.

In a groundbreaking move, Google has integrated its advanced Gemini Nano AI model into the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, marking a new era of on-device AI capabilities.

Gemini Nano, a lighter and more efficient version of the Gemini AI model, will power several Pixel 8 Pro features, including Smart Reply in Gboard and a summarizer system in the Recorder app.

This integration of Gemini Nano into the Pixel 8 Pro showcases Google’s commitment to bringing AI capabilities closer to users. By running AI tasks directly on the device, the Pixel 8 Pro can provide faster, more responsive, and more private experiences.

Smart Reply Enhanced with On-Device AI

Gemini Nano’s integration into Gboard brings a significant enhancement to the Smart Reply feature. With on-device AI processing, Smart Reply can now provide even more relevant and timely suggestions for quick responses to messages. This real-time AI processing eliminates the need to send text data to Google’s servers, ensuring greater privacy and security.

Recorder Summarizes Conversations Intelligently

The Recorder app on the Pixel 8 Pro is also getting an AI upgrade with Gemini Nano. A new summarizer feature will automatically generate summaries of recorded conversations, making it easier to review and recall important points. This feature utilizes Gemini Nano’s ability to process and understand spoken language, providing a valuable tool for note-taking and productivity.

Further On-Device AI Integrations on the Horizon

Google’s integration of Gemini Nano into the Pixel 8 Pro is just the beginning of its plans to bring more AI capabilities to on-device experiences. The company is exploring further integrations with other Pixel features, such as image and video editing, language translation, and personalized recommendations.

With Gemini Nano’s advanced capabilities and Google’s commitment to on-device AI, the Pixel 8 Pro sets the stage for a new era of intelligent and personalized smartphone experiences. As AI becomes more deeply integrated into devices, we can expect to see even more innovative and transformative applications emerge in the years to come.

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