Dune Movie Review

Today went to see the movie DUNE

Having loved the series and played the game, and with a great trailer for the film, it wasn’t what I fully expected. And there was no ending because it’s a part 1.  And in the end credits, not a single cut scene or hint at part 2.

Apart from the narration of what things obviously were as if I’m to thick to know that the sandworm was big, the scenes were affective. Though the image seemed to lack sharpness

With the film’s 2 hour 35 minute runtime that leads through the somewhat tragic story leading up to the oncoming invasion.

Having escaped great peril and fled to the sands of the poorly managed planet Arrakis, also known as Dune.  With a low energy it seems to lose never gain much momentum or impact.  And just when you start to enjoy a bit, it fades as if it had no meaning.

The climactic battle towards the end, lands like a spice cake upsidedown, with pieces all over the place.

Not a blockbuster to gasp at, it would have been nice if he could have developed his sandworm riding skills, we see a Freman riding one in the distance.  Though there was some good flight scenes.

Villeneuve’s visual execution of desert planet Arrakis is greatly created, and similarities to Blade Runner 2049. Also included quite loud soundtracks which did add well to the feel of the movie.

I don’t know if covid caused any issues, but I think there could have dome improvements to detail of scene sequences, like seeing the attackers as they  approach instead of just materialising.

As I think of the bits I liked, the secret tunnel, the mother and the voice command control, the detail of the sandworms, and the dragonfly style aircraft known as Ornithopters.

The sequel hasn’t even been greenlit yet.