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Best Bicycle Lock to stop Thieves cutting it off a bike and taking it

Which Bicycle lock is more secure, ideal for security and flexibility from a lock. Cable vs Chain.

During 2021/22, there were 77,465 bike thefts were reported to police, in 66,769 of the cases no suspect was identified and only 1,239 resulted in a charge or summons.

With the Home Office data showing that only 1 in 50 bike theft cases are being solved.

A great-quality bike lock is the best way to protect your investment and stop your bike becoming easy pickings for thieves.

Number combination locks are quite easily picked by using resistance to feel when each number is clicks into place. The lock in the video keeps the key in place when unlocked so it is not misplaced or falls out.

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It’s usually a good idea to lock your bike somewhere in public, in plain sight and to a strong, immovable object. For the ultimate protection, make sure you secure both wheels and the frame.

Using two locks slowed down thieves down and makes your bike less of a target. But with cordless angle grinders available then you need to opt for a chain lock which is more awkward to cut through.

Bike Thieves operate anywhere, anytime such as broad daylight.

Three males were caught on video using a cordless angle grinder to remove a bike D-lock outside Borough Green Station, cutting the lock off a bike and taking it.

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