Adobe Firefly and Free Express get Firefly AI

Adobe Firefly and Free Express get Firefly AI
AI tools for generating image voice and video content

Adobe Introduces Firefly for Enterprise, an Innovative AI Platform for Streamlined Content Creation.

During the Adobe Summit event, Adobe unveiled its latest offering, Firefly for Enterprise, a powerful platform designed to address the increasing demand for content creation within organizations. With Firefly, every employee, regardless of their creative expertise, can generate images or copy instantly from text-based descriptions. This feature proves invaluable for marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and corporate presentations, among other applications.

Adobe recently announced a revolutionary new tool called Generative Fill.

Firefly for Enterprise can be accessed through the standalone Firefly application, Creative Cloud, or Adobe Express, the cloud-based design platform. Businesses can also integrate Firefly into their own ecosystem by training the AI model with their unique branded company assets, enabling Firefly to replicate the brand’s style when generating images and copy.

1 Firefly Generated Images
Creators can now input simple text prompts and use the power of AI to create images and text effects to make even better assets, including social media posts, flyers and posters.

“Enterprise leaders expect content demands will increase by five-fold over the next two years, making it imperative for them to drive efficiencies internally,” said David Wadhwani, president of digital media business at Adobe. “This new enterprise offering empowers users of any skill level to instantly turn ideas into content with Firefly, while tapping into the power of Express and Creative Cloud to quickly modify assets and deliver standout designs.”

While exact pricing details for Firefly for Enterprise are yet to be released, Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, confirmed that brands will have the option to obtain licenses for broad deployment to employees at a flat price. The cost will be determined based on the organization’s size and specific requirements. Although a specific release date for Firefly for Enterprise has not been announced, it is expected to launch following the beta phase.

Adobe’s move to introduce an enterprise-level product like Firefly for Enterprise aligns with the company’s vision and is a logical step for the Firefly AI model. Adobe developed Firefly to ensure its commercial viability by training it on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain material free of copyright restrictions. This distinction sets it apart from other generative AI models, such as OpenAI’s Dall-E, which may potentially raise copyright concerns due to undisclosed training data.

Firefly’s remarkable popularity, driven by its ability to produce high-quality results, makes it an appealing solution for businesses seeking generative AI tools. Since its launch in March 2023, Firefly beta users have generated over 200 million images, with Photoshop’s new Firefly-powered Generative Fill feature alone resulting in over 150 million images within two weeks. Adobe has also introduced an Enterprise tier for Adobe Express, aimed at facilitating collaboration across organizations.

With the introduction of Firefly for Enterprise, Adobe empowers businesses to leverage AI-driven content creation tools, enabling employees to unleash their creativity and enhance productivity within the workplace.