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ACER fail to fix it’s faulty care center that does not update BIOS or drivers

I’m writing this and made video to share my experience with the ACER updater, and to urge other consumers to be aware of the risks of buying laptops with ACER’s assistant software.

If it wasn’t for the misinformation I received, I would have been able to purchase a laptop from another manufacturer with updating software that works. Such as Dell, Lenovo and HP.

Unfortunately, the ACER updater has failed to deliver on its promises, and I have been left with a broken laptop and no resolution in sight.

In order to get updated bug fixes and patches, users are required to go through the tedious process of trawling through Acer’s driver page, downloading and unzipping the files.

I have evidence to back up my claims, and I am hoping to resolve this issue without having to take it to the Financial Ombudsman.

Let’s not let ACER’s misinformation and poor customer service ruin any more laptops.

I request to supply a working version of their Acer Care.

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