Which UK Broadband choices are good price and speed

Is Your contract coming to and end or already ended and you are looking for a New provider, with Virgin, BT or even John Lewis Broadband.


Having switch between Virgin cable and Various ADSL services in the past it is always worth shopping around for the current best offers.


Our SKY BB and TV 18month deal has come to and end and there is no decent loyalty renewal offer in sight from them.


Our first point of call was uswitch. After entering our postcode location a list of offers where shown, usually with the best at the top.


Which UK Broadband choices are good price and speedResults from uSwitch the UK’s number one comparison site for home services switching.


First on the list was Vodafone, which we had heard various people are currently choosing, the 63 Mbps Broadband is £23/month for an 18months Phone & broadband contract. Talk Talk and Plusnet had a similar offer.


Then Virgin which has a much faster 100 Mbps for £27 for 12months Phone & broadband contract, with inclusive Talk Weekends. This is who we were with before SKY and the faster downloads is great for multiple users in one household. The upload speeds are still no faster than 10Mbps, yet faster thaN ADSL at around 7Mbps.


We continued scrolling down the list and was surprised to see a name who we love to buy our Electrical's from. That name is John Lewis and they now do 26Mb Fibre Broadband with phone for £25 /month or 66Mb at £30 per month for 12-months contract.

BUT the service and contract are in fact with PlusNet, and we regretted the move.

The modem is cheap and not even branded. Though PlusNet say a branded version does exist, so why do they not send that one.

John Lewis and they now do Fibre Broadband with phone for £25 /month for 12-months contract.

This offer comes with Free Evening and Weekend call plan included. And a Free £50 John Lewis e-gift card. But this we found they failed to email the voucher as promised.


The cancellation period is 14 days from signup, but it takes 14 days to get the service. And it is only then you find out the equipment does not perform as good, and that it feels like your concerns are ignored and your expected to pay for a wifi booster because their equipment has a poor antenna.


And I am not alone, read the customers feedback and reviews via these below.

Technical issues and poor quality of router have been complained by customers, as we read reviews from MoneySavingExpert and Trustpilot.

MoneySavingExpert Forum


ISP Review

ThisisMoney - 81 yr old says "John Lewis's broadband is supplied by Plusnet, as is the customer service. But I think that if you sign up with John Lewis, it would be reasonable to expect John Lewis to deal with its customer service operation.

For example, Post Office uses TalkTalk's network, but provides separate customer service."


Click here Test your Broadband Speed or for the Mobile 4G checker


In 2019 broadband customers will get automatic compensation if they experience a set of specific issues: if faults aren’t fixed after two days, if an appointment is missed or if the start of a service is delayed, you will get an automatic, fixed payment – but only if your provider is part of the scheme.




Wayne Usher is a Technical journalist and blogger based in Hertfordshire.


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