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Sexy Daddy Wayne on the go Driving Vlog Videos in England LondonBetween England and France.

My vlogs are mainly about Cars, Tech, health and Travels


Hi and welcome to my videos of everyday life with thechnology, cant get away from it sometimes.


Through Lockdown I have had myself 14 differnet Aquariums

Through Lockdown marketplace myself Aquariums Aquarium External Canister Filter.


Setting up my first Reptile Terrarium

Exo Terra Terrarium 45 x 54 cm small Bio substrate Hydro balls tropical soil. Wayne's TerraWorldMy current Fish Tank Aquarium

I've upgraded my Fish Tank Aquarium AGAIN!!

I've upgraded my Fish Tank Aquarium AGAIN!! If you’re looking for a great aquarium, here’s a simple guide by Wayne's Aqua World. setupMy current Fish Tank Aquarium

Follow my Tropical Fish Tank Aquarium hobby.

Got a lovely looking Microphone for Podcasts n vlogs

ThronMax MDRILL ONE Microphone Review.  Streaming & Recording podcast for vloggers and youtube creators.


I finally get a MediPen ater 3 years of it being legal

Now that CDB is more in the news and its healh beneifts, I finally got to vape on a MediPen.


I tryout the Best Sisley Paris® Skincare Cosmetic Products for MEN

Sisley Eye Contour Mask. Sisley Restorative Facial Cream. Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Sisley Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate. Sisley Paris Izia Perfume. Sisley Phyto-Blanc Lightening Cleanser.


Mercedes Test Drive

Mercedes Car Tech | 4x4 Off Roading|


I came across this Gorilla the same day i crashed my drone..

The Aquatic Centre said after being there for two years, it is now waiting to be delivered to knew owners and have a new home.   They say its for sale at £4000



OH NO !! I crashed and damaged my drone

DJI Mavic Drone Crash at Canal Water Rescued Gimbal Fail GPS Sensors


See What I found in the New BMW X6 英語 イギリス

Visit to BMW car showroom.


Train causes Road Block イギリス

A Train on the Motorway. Three Allelys Heavy Haulage trucks on the M1 near J25 hauling Class 800 power car, 800002 and two coaches made by Hitachi.


Driving the NEW Mercedes Benz E-Class 220

Driving the NEW Mercedes Benz E-Class 220

I use the Voice Control SatNav to take me to the Mercedes Benz Dealership, to find out how to get mobile phone connected to bluetooth hands free. 12k


Shocking Lottery Card Ticket Terms !!

Opening a late Christmas gift, to find out something strange !!


Driving Off Roading 4x4 Mitsubishi Shogun Panjero

Driving OffRoad Mitsubishi Shogun Panjero HD Videos Four Wheel Drive


Christmas Winter Wonderland London Hyde Park

Festive family favorite Winter Wonderland returned to London's Hyde Park, big top shows, an observation wheel and a huge Christmas market.



British Masters Golf Preview footage at The Grove Hotel England

Early Coverage of British MastersBig European Tour Golf at the Grove Hotel Watford.


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