Problems with Lenovo Ideacentre

AIO 700-24ISH All-in-One (ideacentre)AIO 700-24ISH All-in-One (ideacentre) - i7-6700 3.49GHz

Since Day One I had black screens, but it has been partilally solved


A Security vulnerability was discovered in July 2016 which will always come back after a restore from F2 recovery partition.


The following goes into the black screen issues I have been having since owning it.


Lenovo forum 2016. Display Driver Stopped Responding. and here


Just to let you know, the later problems below regarding black screens, is some comptibility issue when I use Dreamweaver CS3 or even CS6, but only on this computer, as they are no issues using the software on my laptop computers !!

(I have now posted errors shown in event viewer as of 28/02/2017)


After I went and got the newest CC version of Dreamweaver, I Tried to replicate the issue but opening big webpages with many photos contained within, and did not give errors. But I do not like this version and went back to CS6.


So this points to a compatiblity between the above software this computer hardware specifications.


But i did read there were FONT updates for Lenovo a few years back to fix issues.

Hope this is helpful to anyone looking for answers.

So with such a high spec computer with latest i7 6700 chipset and 23 inch touch screen, at the price seemed a great purchase and so would hope that bugs would be sorted out with reporting issues, and some were.


At first there was issues with Bluetooth and USB errors in device manager and graphics display driver issues.


Plus running the companion Hardware test resulted noted an issue. Jan 2016

I gave Lenovo support a call, and was told to make a recovery USB stick and do a restore. So I did.


After this there was many drivers missing, and was told to run the Lenovo Driver installer.

Now it was many of the issues I had were gone, but some still there.


Feb 7th 2016 - HD Display errors would crash the screen

But this problem has never happened on my Acer i7 laptop I've been using for 6 years. Even today I seen others having graphics crashes (read on lenovo forum )


17th Sep 2016 - The black screen crashes have now disabled windows option to adjust brightness.

I then found the black screen crashes had disabled windows option to adjust brightness. 22nd Feb 2016

In september it had got worse giving me errors each week, but now it has disabled the card.

Support told me but I got this


It was only then that a new BIOS update was recently available, which after installing did seem to reduce the frequency of the fault, but oddly enough did fail to give an error message when crashes happened. Either it was removed on purpose, or forgotten due to poor programming.

BIOS update version

I then found that videos I worked on had an orange colour, so I did a restore getting rid of all windows software and settings.

After reboot my Wireless keyboard and mouse stopped, but then lenovo had an update , rebooted and it worked again.

This fixed the orange colour and video editing got back on course, but the screen crashes still happened nearly everyday.


December - It was time to phone support to tell them the issue is still not been corrected.

They said they would take in for repair, but before that wanted me to do an F2 repair from boot, using the so called original restore partition.


January 4th - So I gave the F2 restore a go, but this just brought up more errors and faults that I never had before.

The companion Software skipped lots of tests.

The companion software got stuck at 75% update for 2 hours, forcing me to close it and reboot. (snapshot image here)


I checked and seemed updates where complete, but failed to do full test, and within minutes decided it had to update to a newer version again. Then it got stuck in a loop after and would not clear previous updates.


The lenovo tech support engineer told me to uninstall it and reinstall, but when i did this he wanted to get off the phone as quick as possible, and for reason that were to confirm website flaws, and old or duplicate or un-synched pages.

Searching google took me to Microsoft page on the left, which popped up the App store page on the right, but they details / ratings did not match up. So I was not going to even bother working out which was which, so now I am returned the computer to the retailer, who have had no qualms and took it in for repair.


January 7th - Returned to Currys for repair, came back on 15th.

Turns out the Knowhow staff took notes but the repair centre only saw the latest software errors and not the Black screen of death.

I set the computer back up and create a login, the next day windows updates.

Once that had finished I installed software needed for my blogging. (Dreamweaver, and photoshop and google chrome.)

I set the display to use Nvidia as the main graphics.


Jan 19th - The black screen freeze returned (twice)

Whilst updating my DJ pages and needing to play youtube videos with the audio going through to my bluetooth speaker.

I went to open Nvidia Control but got the following error.

Nvidia Display settings are not available, You are not currently attached to a Nvidia GPU display Nvidia Display settings are not available, You are not currently using a diplay attached to an Nvidia GPU


I phoned support but can not let them have the computer until my Samsung ext-HDD returns so that I can backup my Terabytes of data.




Lenovo website also fails to synch logins or data with their there Support / Account sub domains, and when logged in from a different device information that was there using the pc, is not when using a tablet!! very odd.

I logged in today and a Tablet I registered two days before is now not listed !!!


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