CyberLink members data stolen affects Member accounts

Breaking News: Cyberlink have emailed its members to warn them of a data breach involving users data.


We are members too but only because we got the software with a Dell system we bought. WE actually dislike both of the companys and are not surprised this has happened.



The email says:

Dear CyberLink Members,

CyberLink has identified a data breach that affects certain CyberLink Member accounts.

On August 11th, we discovered that your user data were stolen by hacker(s). As a result, approximately 750,000 CyberLink member accounts' member ID (email address) and the registered country (country code), were stolen by unauthorized third parties ("Incident").

Due to this Incident, you may receive spams/fraud mails or experience disturbance to your quiet enjoyment to your mailbox. Notwithstanding, please note the passwords of all member accounts are fully encrypted and in compliance with industry standards so as to prevent unauthorized access to your CyberLink member account from other parties. However, we recommend that you regularly change your password and if you use the same or similar password on other online services, we recommend you set new passwords on those accounts as well.

A detailed investigation is underway to help us take appropriate measures to prevent such data breaches in the future. We undertake to inform and update as we work to find more details.

We sincerely apologize for any concern or inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience and support. If you'd like any additional information, please contact us at

CyberLink Team


Personally I would never email them for fear of Phishing links or malware in replys.


Although if you have been affected by this then you have the right to claim for compensation.


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