Fish Tank FILTERS to Keep Aquariums clean
Fish Tank FILTERS to Keep Aquariums clean

A filter is considered essential hardware for all aquariums, as they are life support systems for fish. No aquarium should be set up without one, they are needed to operate 24 hours per day, from day one.

Before adding fish the tank must be cycled. Cycling is a process that allows the development of good bacteria and can take up to 6 weeks. Adding a filter starts to develop this faster.

You will now need to start monitoring the condition of the water with test strips or a test kit

Simple video guides on Filters and how to clean and maintain them.

Fluval U3 Aquarium Filter Maintenance

Fluval 206 / 306 / 406 Canister Filter Foams

  • Flow rate: 206 US Gal/h (780 L/h)
  • Pump power: 10W
  • 3 media Trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media
  • Media Capacity: (4.6 L)

JUWEL BIOFLOW internal filter

5 stage filtration
juwel bioflow filter media

Supplied with Poly Pad M, Carbon Sponge M, Nitrax M Sponge, and Fine M foams. See our video on the best positioning of the filtration media.

SunSun HW-302 / APS 1000EF Aquarium Filter Maintenance

  • Flow rate: 264 gph (1000 L/hr)
  • Pump power: 18W
  • 3 media Trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media
  • Media Capacity: (8 L)


The foam screen frame is vertically oriented containing two thick layers of replaceable foam blocks.

Video: The process of improving performance. (also covers 106, 306 and 406)

Replacements you are likely to need:

MECHANICAL Filtration removes particles Course PRE-Filter Foams (side)

(Bottom tray) MECHANICAL removes debris particles


Medium Filter Foam *Original Fluval BioFoam is around £11 but I made more for less. watch the video to find out.

(Middle tray) BIOLOGICAL Promotes beneficial bacteria

Fluval Biomax Bio Rings

or an alternative Biohome Ultimate filter media

(TopTray) CHEMICAL removes Toxins but established tanks can use BIOmedia

CHEMICAL removes Toxins Also a good location for the fine filter

Fluval Activated Carbon Bag

Optional Fluval Ammonia Remover –

Fluval Clearmax –