DELL Optiplex 7470 Out of the Box Setup & issues

Recieveing delivery on Friday the 2nd, here are my discoveries either to be fixed and need to be sorted in order for me to keep this product.


So the CPU is ahead but what about the rest!


In July DELL had a July Black Friday event, I've been keeping an eye out to upgrade my current All-in-one.


Things I love about upgrading. ( The pros so far)

  • 9th Generation chipset
  • 8 core 4.8 GHz i7
  • Anti-Glare Display
  • USB Type-C™ & USB 3.1 Gen 2(10Gbps)
  • Height Adjustable Screen
  • Wireless AC 9560 160MHz

Out of the Box updates are needed for security. The Dell Command update software downloaded an update for the BIOS update but that was all.


Windows was in need of updateds and is now the latest 1903 version of windows 10 pro.

Dell optiplex windows 10


windows activation and that no product key was found.

There seemed to be a problem with windows being activated, but clicking the troubleshoot link resolved this and became registered to my hotmail/outlook email address of which my other computers login with the same ID.


Next we opened the Dell Support Assist software which said all was ok, but we found more updates using windows Device Manager for the sound and network drivers. And then more newer drivers (Card Reader) in the support section on Dells website.


So I turned to the good old trusted Intel Driver Assistant, which found and let us download an update, but this failed to install the update.

Optiplex 7470 Intel assistant finds UHD 630 graphics driver update fails.Intel assistant finds an updated driver for the 9th gen.


After this message we called DELL support, they gave us a link to get version


The Optiplex has Intel UHD 630 graphics. (HDR unavailable at the time of writing). Even though our 620 chip in our HP Laptop does have this working. (Read my Quest for HDR after UltraViolet download via iTunes)

Optiplex HDR not available Intel UHD 630 graphics.


We ran the update driver in Device manager for the UHD 630 but nothing. It seems a LED display is needed and not LCD. (HDR_Intel Graphics TechWhitePaper)

Spectre & Meltdown Test!!

dell meltdown security vulnerability test

While on the phone to Dell Technical support, they made out not to be aware of this, even though security analysts seem to this it is a serious security risk. (National Cyber Security Centre Guidance for administrators.)


Dell Side Channels vulnerabilites products (updated 05/30/2019) There seems to be no confirmation or software by Dell to confirm any protecection. The computer was sold and shipped with No Anti-Virus Software.



My 3 1/2 year old LENOVO 700 - £999

Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700
Screen size 23.8" FHD
Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-6700T
- Quad-core 3.4 GHz / 4 GHz

Storage: 2 TB HDD (7200 rpm)

12 GB RAM (2133 MHz)

2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 950A

DVD Drive

The DELL Optiplex 24 7470 - £1,479.

Optiplex 24 7470 All-in-One Intel® Core™ i7 9700 All-in-One PC - 256 GB SSD
Screen size 24" InfinityEdge FHD IPS
Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-9700
- Octa-core 3 GHz - 4.8 GHz

Storage: 256GB PCIe M.2

16GB DDR4 (2666 MHz)
AC 9560 + Bluetooth 5

NO DVD drive


After making calls and being promised a call back several times which all failed to surface, I was not willing to accept a call back anymore, after all i called sales or customer line expecting to speak to someone to deal with my needs.


Today telling them this helped and I was put through to someone who said they could help, and they did. An email with a quote came through.

But moments later another email regarding a delivery which turned out to be a phishing scam link. This was not the kind of spam I normally see, it was relative to the fact DELL was soon to deliver today. and the same day as British Airways faces record £183m fine for data breach.


The email was not from DELL email address, but with the title Your Latest Documents from DHL Parcel UK Ltd. I did a whois on the domain and it turned out to hosted in Arizona, USA.


During a call to sales this morning to DELL Sales line proves to be more than bargained for, and just after teh call, I got a missed call from.

During a call to sales this morning to DELL Sales line proves to be more than bargained for, and just after the call, I got a missed call from 0134437888.


I messaged @DellCares on twitter, the gave me a link to report it, but it was impossible without Service Tag or Express Service Code. Telling them that I do not have received no reply. I found many tweets saying do not buy dell.


Later I emailed the Dell agent P VINAYKUMAR to get quotes, but they were higher than what was shown on the webpage, and also removed a tocuhscreen display. This is just ridiculous and nothing of what I was expecting compared to many other companies i have dealt with.


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