Smart intelligent Mega Tanning bed solarium‎

features can include P2 vitamin D tubes, Ruby Collagen Boosters, Bluetooth connectivity, Aquacool, Aircon and Aroma.

Elegant design, perfect ergonomics, patented technology and individual settings ensure your favorite tan through only one click.


Among the professional solariums in the premium segment, megaSun’s series guarantees an excellent design, outstanding technique and well thought-out functionality. Designer solariums, which turn every salon into something extraordinary.


Solarium Hybrid Deluxe - Lie Down Unit

8000 hybridSun Smart intelligent Mega Tanning bed solarium indigosun megasun smartSunlight Collagen Boosters

8000 hybridSun A perfect combination between pureSunlight and smartSunlight lamps. Parallel to the tanning the innovative smartSunlight-lamps stimulate the production of melanin and vitamin D, calm the skin and ensure a blemish-free, attractive complexion.


8000 alpha deluxe Hybrid ST


18 x 200 W (max) pureSunlight lamp (180 cm)

8 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamp (180 cm)

4 x 700 W pureFacials, switch on-off

2 x 250 W shoulder tanner

70 beautyBooster (face, décolleté, legs)


16 x 200 W (max) pureSunlight lamps (190 cm)

8 x 200 W (max) smartSunlight lamps (190 cm)

Nominal power:

13 kW (without aircon)

15 kW (with aircon)


1. UVB stimulates the production of melanin and vital vitamin D.

2. UVA gives the skin a natural, intensive and attractive tan.

3. Blue light cleanses the skin and ensures a healthy and blemish-free complexion.

4. Red light (Collagen) stimulates the collagen production and makes the skin appear noticeably younger and more soothed.


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