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Seven Worlds, One Planet

David Attenborough's brand new BBC documentary series | 2019 © BBC

This extended first look trailer features a collaboration between performer and songwriter Sia and composer Hans Zimmer, who join forces on the original song ‘Out There’.

Seven Worlds, One Planet (2019) Full Movie Free Online


Director: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang


Since the launch of Planet Earth in 2006, BBC Planet titles have become a global phenomenon, and over a billion people have watched Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II in the last 3 years.


This new five-strong slate is expected to involve over 10,000 days of filming across over 120 countries and will deliver ‘Event TV’ at its most magical and impactful, providing audiences with unmissable drama, pioneering discoveries and stunning spectacles that will change our relationship with the planet


Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating seven extraordinary continents. One Planet: Seven Worlds, presented by Sir David Attenborough, will reveal how each distinct continent has shaped the unique animal life found there. This series will feature remarkable, new animal behaviour from all the continents including the baking plains of Africa and the frozen waters off Antarctica. In Asia, the biggest of all continents, we will showcase life at the extremes, whilst in Europe we will reveal surprising wildlife dramas hidden right alongside us.


The series will celebrate the diversity of life on each of these continents, but also the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity.By telling unknown, unseen and unexpected wildlife stories, we will uncover the fundamental truth about what makes each one of our seven worlds unique.


Documentary ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’



David Attenborough Presents Seven Worlds One Planet Live From Glastonbury | BBC Earth


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